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Benji - Learn Japanese


Learning Japanese? Benji is a simple app that helps you improve your vocabulary as well as your reading and writing skills. Benji is like combining a dictionary, a notebook, and a quiz app. Having it all in one place makes memorizing new vocabulary so much easier.The idea is quite simple: every time you come across a new word,1. Use Benji to look it up2. Add it to a list3. Play various quizzes to memorize the list
That’s the basics. Here is a feature rundown:
* QuizzesLearn how to read and write Japanese in interactive quizzes. Benji comes bundled with built-in quizzes ranging from basic hiragana to advanced level kanji (matching JLPT N1-5).
* CustomizeCreate your own word lists to focus on what you want to learn.Add example sentences and customize translations to help you put the words in context.
* DictionaryIn-app dictionary with well over 100,000 words and expressions.
* Full Text SearchCopy a news article / word listing / short story you found online and paste in Benji to translate all the words it contains. You can then easily make a list out of them.
* Review QuizNeed to revisit the content from previous quizzes to prepare for the final exam? Benji observers your learning and knows what words you need to practice the most.
To get most out of Benji, use it alongside your other Japanese learning activities such as preparing for a quiz, participating in class, studying online, reading a book, watching a video etc.
In the free version, you can have two word-lists. Purchasing Benji removes this restriction.